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Your payment bridge to the world

PlingPay the easy, fast and affordable way to send money to friends and family abroad. Forget costly bank charges and smile as a lot more of your hard earned money actually gets to your friends and family than it would with any other service in the market.

Download our app:

With a few easy clicks in our app you can send directly to the bank accounts of friends and family in many different countries. The present version, is a Beta test version if you want to try it out free of charge and with our best exchange rates (a small 0.5% transaction fee will be added to later versions). Go ahead and sign up as a test user and download now from play store or app store with the link you recive in your email.

How does it work?

Besides the send money function here are a some other convenient features like sending requests for money to someone else or finding exact receipts of payments you have sent even years later. More will come in later versions. Please check our quick demo below for how easy it is to use the app

PlingPay pay fast, cheap and with a smile!